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Little Buds Club

Little Buds Club

Our new fantastically fun children’s club! If you’d like to join the club, please visit our information desk in store and sign up

Little Buds in 2019


Planters Pancake Party

Saturday 9th March 2019   10am-11am

Fill up with our delicious pancakes

Easter Bonnets

Saturday 13th April 2019  10am-11am

Create your own Easter Bonnet

Plant a Planters Pot

Saturday 11th May 2019   10am-11am

Plant a container and watch it grow

Planters Pet Party

Saturday 8th June 2019   10am-11am

Join in the fun with lots of activities

Planters Insect Hotel

Saturday 13th July 2019   10am-11am

Make your own insect hotel

Little Buds Summer Party

Saturday 10th August 2019   10am-11am

Lots of fun and games

Amazing Art

Saturday 7th September 2019   10am-11am

Leaf masterpieces

Haunting Halloween

Saturday 12th October 2019   10am-11am

Creating crafts for halloween

Creative Clay Crafts

Saturday 9th November 2019   10am-11am

Making clay poppies

Little Buds Christmas Party

Saturday 7th December 2019   10am-11am

Celebrating Christmas

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